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Top 5 Killer Sales Questions

Questions are the answer! What are your top 5 killer sales questions? - by Seth
Who, what, when, where, how, and what else.

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Great question in b2b sales to ensure you have the real decision maker.

"How does the decision making process work here for things like (whatever you are selling)"

They usually tell the truth at this point.
(Which is usually that they have to report to someone else)

but you could then ask.....so if YOU say yes....will HE always say yes? - by helisell
Are you looking to add or replace your machinery in the near future?

What machine are you using now? (in my case I am familiar with our competition so I know their weaknesses and I use this info to sell against them Also I ask for the model so I know how old the machine is and approximately when they will need to replace)

Have you ever had this problem happen to you? (knowing that the answer will most likely be yes)

Would you be interested in receiving information on our products that can solve this problem for you? (if they aren't looking to buy now I send the info to build brand awareness and follow up with them in 6 months to a year to keep that awareness/recognition)

What is your purchasing timeline? (this tells me the schedule they are on and opens the door to ask about their purchasing process and who the people involved are.)

How will you decide which company to go with? Do you have a set criteria? (then I craft my pitch according to what they tell me) - by Andrea
Tell me what you like about your current _________? (supplier, machine, system etc etc.

Tell me what you would change about your current _________? - by Sell4alivn
Is there a "Killer" Question or is there questioning?

Personally, seeing the answers here so far, I see questions that essentially I think ALL would/could use in some form or another.

I'm wondering if strategic questioning isn't what we're really talking about here. For example, everything I've seen posted here, are part of the strategy that I think works best for questioning sales people. Take helisells "How does the decision making process work here for things like (whatever you are selling)" This is not anywhere near and end all question. It is an investigative question that establishes our route to the decision makers.

It is certainly a necessary question but there are many others to complement that such as Andrea's "What machine are you using now?

Have you ever had this problem happen to you?"

Andrea brings up something else I feel is really a necessity, knowing your product thoroughly and KNOWING YOUR COMPETITION. Know how your client uses whatever it is he uses to do the job that your equipment will do to for him or her, and know or find out what else he might be doing with your equipment.

These are not "Killer Questions" in my opinion. To me, if there was such a thing, a "killer question" would have my client "on the ground"... "on the grill"... "on my delivery list" with its use... and we all know the sad truth about that.

If you ask me, and you did, being a simple mind you have to have a series of questions written down, or write them down as you ask them with the clients answer. Now you have something to refer to as you move on or as you tie your product or service to their experiences and provide possible solution.

Mr. Clientsoonofmine, you mentioned earlier that your whizbang digital ultrasound camera would sometimes streak when the sound direction was passed over for filming a rounded organ, and that this created a significant operational challenge for you, isn't that correct? Without that serious diagnostic flaw, how would that impact your peace of mind?

In MY OPINION, three or four examples such as the foregoing accumulated during your sales process gives you a strong foundation of which to relate your products with your client and get him agreeing in principal with your products use before you actually make recommendations to him that he essentially has already accepted as being of positive impact to him and his company.

Aloha.... shds; ;bg - by rattus58
Good insight, Tom. - by Ace Coldiron