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How does your sales job deal with travel by car and associated insurance?


I currently sell high end s/w into high tech industries. I’m based on the East Coast US. I drive about 5000 miles a year, some of my own car and some rental.

At the moment I get paid ‘per mile’ of use of my own car and I get rental cars paid for. I was told I am covered by the company auto insurance. However it turns out that for:

1/ accidents that are my fault
2/ comprehensive accidents e.g. no ones fault e.g. hit a animal, someone bangs your car in a parking lot.

My companies insurance will only pay out if my personal insurance doesnt. In both cases my insurance company paid out. So I am out of pocket!!! This doesn’t seem right to me?

Is this normal in sales jobs in the US? Does anyone get a car allowance? Do you get full car insurance?

Thanks - by bean99
I have no idea what S/W means, but I understand auto insurance.

I wish I on my little island would only have to drive 5,000 miles a year, you are truly blessed.

As to insurance, when you are on personal business and rent a vehicle in YOUR name, your insurance is ALWAYS going to be primary, your company's drive other car coverage, your company's Symbol 1 coverage (any auto coverage) acts as excess coverage. In addition, your company has to have COLLISION coverage as well with adequate limits for the cars you rent.

If you are reimbursed by your company, then you should probably go one step further and either get a credit card that covers your liability and collision coverage from first dollar or go one step further than that as well and purchase the collision coverage from the rental.

When you try to get off cheap, you'll get away maybe forever, but then there is that parking lot, that accident, that vandalism when you inadvertantly parked your car in the area when that towns team finally won the pennant etc... your car gets rolled.... or your car gets stolen....

This is the simple version. You can be a named driver on your company's insurance, and they can pick up all of your liability and your company would pick up the deductibles, or you can have your company pick up your out of pocket as reimbursement etc.

You should ALWAYS carry as much insurance as you feel personally comfortable with. Just because you are on the road shouldn't make any difference to you. Just remember, most people buy the minimum required by statute in many places. If you have someone who has minimum limits run a red light and run broadside into your car with you and your family in it, don't ever expect to get anything other than what you carry on yourself as recovery. He might go to jail, but if you don't have the money, you are still the one to suffer the consequences and whining about it won't get you the proper care.

Having adequate Life and Disability Coverage is also a good idea.

Aloha... shds; ;bg - by rattus58
Hey Rattus,

Thanks for your reply. S/w is short for software.

So it sounds like my company should pay my out of pocket...

I checked and the insurance company that my company use said that my company only has auto insurance under general liabilty and not a full auto policy. So I cannot be a named driver.

Its a pain in the ***! - by bean99
What your company has if it's on their liability policy, is probably hired and non-owned liability coverage that protects the company if you have an accident that has liability implication to the company.

Software.... thank you... :)

Much Aloha... Tom shds; ;bg - by rattus58
Hi Mr Bean ?
well im happy for you as the company i work for i dont recieve anything twards our expenses
lots of luck
pinny - by pinnyz
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