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Where is the Sales profession going?

Is "Sales" going to be obsolete one day? With the Internet, economy,changing company buying habits, politics etc... how will the "Sales" profession be affected?
I am particularly interested since I am currently enrolled in Sandler Sales Training, and looking to re-enter the sales profession. I read too many articles essentially saying that companies are researching and buying via the internet, bypassing the "salesperson" because the information is readily available.
I am not interested in being an "order taker" or going into an "Internet Marketing" career and truly hope that the Sales profession remains a valuable and necessary part of the buying process.
What are your thoughts?? - by Jammonn
Yes, some sales positions will become obsolete at the hands of the Internet but not professional selling. - by Seth
The top salespeople I've traveled with know that the sales profession is going where they decide to take it. - by Ace Coldiron
Great answer - by Jammonn
I personally think that sales will never be obsolete, i just think their will be shrinkage of sales force. - by vladinati
These days I do both....selling (the stuff that gets talked about here mostly) and also internet marketing and d'y'know what...it's almost the same stuff.

On the internet you . . .
1. Still got to make friends with them and develop trust.

2. Still got to 'qualify' them (best definition of that I ever heard was 'ask them sufficient questions so they'll have designed their own perfect solution....and then ask them to buy it)

3. Still got to present a suitable solution and demonstrate that it'll work for them AND. . .

4. Still got to ask them to take some kind of action

I'm sure that most people here with any experience will recognise THAT sequence.

Truth is....selling on the internet is just as thrilling as face to face. - by helisell
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