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Cold Calling IS NOT Selling!

I think many salespeople are under the impression that COLD CALLING is the same as SELLING and it is NOT.

Cold Calling is approaching, better yet grabbing the attention and securing interest of, prospects who weren't expecting the contact.

Selling begins once you've grabbed attention and secured interest. - by Seth
While I may be in the dramatic minority of one here, I disagree with EVERYONE who thinks one who is in conversation with another for the purpose changing their mind, seeking change, seeking an appointment, or seeking qualifying information, is not engaged in the sales process, and is selling by MY DEFINITION.

My definition of selling is that if you are engaged anywhere in the process where you are directly engaged with the public and the outcome of your contact a moving forward of the process is effected, you are selling. To convince someone to sit down with you to go forward with listening to your service or product offering, is selling. Without that intial "SALE", there is no sale, no agreement, no paycheck.

This is MY DEFINITION. It is MY OPINION, and if you are on the phone with a businessowner, housewife, or client of any type seeking a second meeting, you have engaged in the sales process, furthering your Commitment Objective of moving forward to the next level of sales process and are SELLING.

Aloha.... Tom - by rattus58
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