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The impact of Attitude on sales performance

In your opinion, what impact does a salesperson's attitude have on their sales performance - short term and long term? - by Guest
If you could picture a sales structure in any shape... I'd pitch it to you as a pyramid.

I would then tell you Attitude is the base of that structure.

No matter how good of a sales person you are, every active sales person requires a positive and useful attitude otherwise they are merely in auto-pilot and will miss any decent opportunity in front of them.

The usefulness of Attitude could easily be a seminar theme on it's own. - by MrCharisma
Like any profession (athletes, business, teaching, law, engineering) attitude is the #1 indicator in performance. One of my favorite sales training/coaching topics of all time. Take Tiger Woods. Ever since he could hold a golf club his dad taught him how to win at golf (drive, pitch, chip, putt - everything)... but so did most of all other golfers on the tour. They all hit 1,000 balls a day. All have the best equipment. All work out. All are in shape (sans Daly). So why does Tiger win more often? He knows he's going to win - it's all attitude. He thinks he will & he proves it. How does he come back from missing the cut at British Open? He knows he's better than he proved it in Grand Blanc, MI this weekend - ALL ATTITUDE. Sales is the SAME GAME. If you don't have the right attitude in sales it's game over. You will get crushed. it's a lonely business - you have to have the six inches between your ears roto-rootered on a daily basis. Just like Henry Ford said... Whether you think you can or you can't... you're right. - by Dave Tear
Without repeating too much of what was said above it makes all the different between performing and not performing, but all the difference between a great performer and good performer.

When I was selling if I didn't have my mind on the job my chances of selling were low. It's no good if you are thinking about other things or wishing you were someone else. Ever heard the saying that people can tell when you are smiling on the phone? It's because your approach and attitude effect everything. If you have a poor attitude your customers will know about it.

You need to set yourself into the right frame of mind. Take the example of Tiger Woods above, he went one step further with visualising how he was going to play golf. Before he went out he know beforehand exactly how he was going to win. Setting yourself in the right frame of mind gets you focused and helps to remove limitations (because you already KNOW you are going to win/suceed!). - by iCANiQ
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