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What % of Your Job is Prospecting?


Please take the poll: what percentage of your current job do you consider to be prospecting for business?

There is a great diversity of sales positions represented here at salespractice, so look forward to your answers.

Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
Hi Skip... at least half of my job is meeting new people. One half of my business is just about 100% referral. The other half I haven't been working as smart as my wife.

I spot and stalk... so to speak, as often as I can.

Aloha.. Tom :cool: - by rattus58
Hey Skip,

Great question. My specialty advertising business, prospecting is a daily function of the business. Meaning, without prospecting you won't have sales. My line of work depends highly on it.

In a day I'd say 100% when I'm not calling on an existing customer. - by ThePromotionalGuy
We get a lot of warm leads so I spend most of my time working on closing those deals. So I voted 1-25% because when I run out of good warm leads I go and I prospect... - by Andrea
i voted very high. I have no warm leads..nobody calls me. So I am either prospecting in my warm market or cold calling business; either way, I'm prospecting! sn;

Lisa - by lisamom

I spot and stalk... so to speak, as often as I can.
Hilarious... I love it! - by lisamom
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