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Help with a sales plan please

Hi all

I havent been here in ages, I've been doing my MSc, but am back job hunting again.

My background is as a specialist scientist of 6 years with a paltry 5 months clinical sales experience.

I'm at 2nd stage interview for a Key Accounts Managers role in the clinical market.

I have a list of questions they have sent me for a presentation I will do next Wednesday.

I am doing my best to work through them systematically but would love your advise and expertise.

Ok the questions they have given me are as follows mnus the company name:
We would like your candidate to present a brief (10-15 minute) PowerPoint presentation entitled “Meeting Expectations in a Challenging Market” and covering the following:

1) Managing Your Territory

- What would you expect from *** to help you start managing this territory?
- How would you identify which accounts to visit first?
- How would you determine the overall potential for new business?
- How would you balance the protection and growth of existing business vs gaining new ‘competitor’ business?
- How do you work closely with high value accounts/prospects yet also maintain satisfaction at lots of low value accounts?

2) Managing a Sales Opportunity:

e.g. Customer X is using a competitor’s reagents and instrumentation worth £60K p.a. The instrumentation is due for replacement and they have expressed an interest in switching to *** reagents/instrumentation.

- What would be your objective for your first meeting with them? Who would you target?
- Detail a suggested sale process from initial qualification to receipt of an order.
• Include ‘typical’ timescales
• Include the hospital ‘stakeholders’ you would need to work with
- What obstacles might you face and how would you overcome them?
- What strategies would you use to ensure they switch to *** rather than stay with their existing supplier?
- How would you ensure the project runs to schedule and you can deliver by the close date?

3) Managing the Market:

- Give a (very brief) overview of ***’s strengths vs the competition
- How might you counter any weak points that *** products may have?
- What do you think ‘most’ histology labs require from their suppliers?
- How would you help *** go one better than this?

I'm really a bit lost as to what my answers are, I hope you can help me to nail this.

thanks x
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It seems they are attempting to examine your qualifications for the job. - by Ace Coldiron
Yes. Is there any help you can give me on this please?

Although I've worked in med sales before, I didnt have any help with managing my territory, I jsut got out there and hamered the market. But saying that wont cut it on a presentation. - by motleymaiden
I won't do your work for you, but I'll give you a place to start--and if you work at this--really work--you will put yourself in as a frontrunner for the job.

THIS is the ONLY place to start:

They asked you to do a presentation on the following: “Meeting Expectations in a Challenging Market”

Make that your overriding theme. Don't stray from that--even though they have aready given you a path to follow through their outline.

Start with a simple statement--a logical statement that and stay ON MESSAGE through the entire presentation. Keep coming back to that theme.

OKAY---I'm going to give you the statement---and the rest is up to you.

Meeting expectations in a challenging market is always a matter of directing our company's resources to exceed expectations.

Build EVERY single answer around that theme, and you will be in a very good position to get the job. But EVERYTHING goes through that lens. - by Ace Coldiron
That's great thank you, not just meeting but exceedng. I like it.

I've made some notes.

q1a - BizDev Mtg. Hand over - take over of accts. Need key info: product/parts list. Pri