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Help with a sales plan please

Hi all

I havent been here in ages, I've been doing my MSc, but am back job hunting again.

My background is as a specialist scientist of 6 years with a paltry 5 months clinical sales experience.

I'm at 2nd stage interview for a Key Accounts Managers role in the clinical market.

I have a list of questions they have sent me for a presentation I will do next Wednesday.

I am doing my best to work through them systematically but would love your advise and expertise.

Ok the questions they have given me are as follows mnus the company name:
We would like your candidate to present a brief (10-15 minute) PowerPoint presentation entitled “Meeting Expectations in a Challenging Market” and covering the following:

1) Managing Your Territory

- What would you expect from *** to help you start managing this territory?
- How would you identify which accounts to visit first?
- How would you determine the overall potential for new business?
- How would you balance the protection and growth of existing business vs gaining new ‘competitor’ business?
- How do you work closely with high value accounts/prospects yet also maintain satisfaction at lots of low value accounts?

2) Managing a Sales Opportunity:

e.g. Customer X is using a competitor’s reagents and instrumentation worth £60K p.a. The instrumentation is due for replacement and they have expressed an interest in switching to *** reagents/instrumentation.

- What would be your objective for your first meeting with them? Who would you target?
- Detail a suggested sale process from initial qualification to receipt of an order.
• Include ‘typical’ timescales
• Include the hospital ‘stakeholders’ you would need to work with
- What obstacles might you face and how would you overcome them?
- What strategies would you use to ensure they switch to *** rather than stay with their existing supplier?
- How would you ensure the project runs to schedule and you can deliver by the close date?

3) Managing the Market:

- Give a (very brief) overview of ***’s strengths vs the competition
- How might you counter any weak points that *** products may have?
- What do you think ‘most’ histology labs require from their suppliers?
- How would you help *** go one better than this?

I'm really a bit lost as to what my answers are, I hope you can help me to nail this.

thanks x
Please note, although no boardcode and smiley buttons are shown, they are still useable - by motleymaiden
It seems they are attempting to examine your qualifications for the job. - by Ace Coldiron
Yes. Is there any help you can give me on this please?

Although I've worked in med sales before, I didnt have any help with managing my territory, I jsut got out there and hamered the market. But saying that wont cut it on a presentation. - by motleymaiden
I won't do your work for you, but I'll give you a place to start--and if you work at this--really work--you will put yourself in as a frontrunner for the job.

THIS is the ONLY place to start:

They asked you to do a presentation on the following: “Meeting Expectations in a Challenging Market”

Make that your overriding theme. Don't stray from that--even though they have aready given you a path to follow through their outline.

Start with a simple statement--a logical statement that and stay ON MESSAGE through the entire presentation. Keep coming back to that theme.

OKAY---I'm going to give you the statement---and the rest is up to you.

Meeting expectations in a challenging market is always a matter of directing our company's resources to exceed expectations.

Build EVERY single answer around that theme, and you will be in a very good position to get the job. But EVERYTHING goes through that lens. - by Ace Coldiron
That's great thank you, not just meeting but exceedng. I like it.

I've made some notes.

q1a - BizDev Mtg. Hand over - take over of accts. Need key info: product/parts list. Pricing info. negotiation/discounting stucture

q1b - look at sales history & credit history (especially those that pay on time). Primary interest on the most profitable sales accts. Accts with highest turnover & most frquent sales. Ie Top 5 accts.

Also which have current tenders out.

Then move onto occasional customers, find out why they are using another company not ours.

Thast as far as I have got. Am I on the right road? - by motleymaiden
That's as far as I have got. Am I on the right road?
I don't know. Can you attach those subjects directly to exceeding expectations? If you can't--then you are not on the right road. - by Ace Coldiron
Gosh, Im really not sure - by motleymaiden

Your words: "Then move onto occasional customers, find out why they are using another company not ours."

Our goal is to learn more from our occasional customers. We want to examine the status quo that keeps them using another company over ours, and then to engage them with the features, benefits, services, and overall experience that exceed that status quo.

ALWAYS through that theme. - by Ace Coldiron
ah gotcha! I'm starting to understand more now - by motleymaiden
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