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Pay Minimum get Minimum

I saw an ad for a chain Farm Store. Willing to pay sales "associates" $7.25 (that's minimum wage) per hour. I can't help but think a lot of applicants would only be interested in how long the lunch break is.

Saw another ad for a local used car dealer, offering full time sales positions for $375 week. But the week was 50 hours. That's only pennies more than minimum. What incentive does an hourly employee have to sell cars?

Too bad so many places put the minimums out front to meet the public. - by BIG Mike
Is it salary plus commission? - by rattus58
Two reason why I think not. I know both stores (we are in a small town) and I don't think they would think that way

Second, if they did, I should have been an important part of the ad for help and neither mentioned it.

But take it a step further, most of the convenience stores in these parts put minimum wage people at the cash register. Many could care less if you get good service, or not. - by BIG Mike
I think the only thing wrong with both ads is the wording.

There is no room in the ads for the word 'salesperson'.
There is no 'salesperson' on earth who would reply to these ads.

They will only ever be able to employ what we call RPO's...

"Revenue Prevention Officers" - by helisell
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