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How to sell DVD Packaging? Need Help.

I work for a media packaging company (DVD cases, binders, custom packaging) and am in need of a way to gain leads through cold calling. This is my pitch so far, "Hi my name is______ with sunrise packaging. I was checking out your website and noticed your company is involved in duplication and replication. The reason I'm calling is because we are a media packaging manufacturer that works with duplication houses, production companies in supplying you with media packaging products. You know, things like dvd cases, jewel cases, and custom packaging. I know you probably have a vendor already, but I was wondering what it would take for a new company to get their product in the door? Are you more price motivated or quality, because I know we can offer you both. - by sunpacksales
It's not bad to......."The reason I'm calling...."

I think you would be better to get them agreeing to something at this point...maybe.....

"I had a quick look at your website, which is great by the way, and I was wondering....would you be open to discussing a couple of ideas on your packaging that could increase your perceived value to your customers and at the same time maybe even increase your bottom line profits by trimmimg your costs a bit?"

Worth a try? - by helisell