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B2C sales people come out of the woodwork and let's get talking!

Just about every sales forum/site is dominated by B2B sales people. Understandable to an extent but there are plenty of B2C people out there who do a difficult and demanding job. Sales books/CDS from most well known authors are nearly all about B2B and it would be great if someone could recommend a book or cd about B2C selling as that would be really useful.

A bit about me.....I am UK based and sell to consumers in their homes....distance learning training courses at 2-8k pounds sterling. I am considering adding home improvements to my portfolio, however, that will involve cold calling by door knocking and I am not crazy about that prospect, therefore, I'm thinking about leaflet dropping followed up 24/48 hours later with a door knock. What do you think?

Would like to see a sub-forum on here for B2C for those of us involved in that area. I would also love to hear from successful B2C and/or home improvement door knockers who could pass on tips or share any success stories.

Thanks in advance everyone.

Alex - by Alex1
e-Learning & home improvement is an interesting product mix Alex!

I've been in B2C sales for half a lifetime, but with prospects delivered so I've never been faced with the need to prospect, which means response is really to let you know that you're not B2C alone.

For what it's worth, my thoughts (from feedback via my very experienced marketing associate) is that leaflets rarely get read, so if you're following up your leaflet drop face to face within 48 hours it may be more productive to forget the drop and get face to face right from the get go!

Give it a shot! You may be pleasantly surprised with the result
Cheers, Tony - by Tony1905
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