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What if They're NOT Buying ...

The threads seem focused on classic "sales confrontations" such as, SR versus Purchasing Manager. Unfortunately, what if the company simply isn't buying at this time: What then?

During the very early days of my B2B sales career, I would quiver if the suspect started to show me the door. At some point, though, the conversation changed. What was the "tipping point" in my career?

Two dramatic revelations:
1. the discourse went much smoother when both parties were talking on the same level (rather than "spray-&-pray" from me); AND,
2. the discussion topics became less about my company's offering and more about the prospect's business;

The first topic speaks to truly learning about listening skills and the second is all about talking to the prospect about what truly interests him/her: their business!

1. no more focus on price, product features, competitive minutiae (tiny, unimportant details);
2. the subjects varied drastically from lowering days in accounts receivable to improving communications with the shareholders;
3. exec's started introducing me to department managers;

In point of fact, I was able to sell when the company wasn't buying beause, the credibility gained permitted me to (for example) sell the tax benefits of paying $40K for a copier because I'd read about superlative earnings in the morning paper!! Where the competition was fighting it out with the purchasing manager over cost per copy, I'd talked the CEO into sheltering some of the profits portrayed in the morning paper.

The example is provided to illustrate where you need to take your sales effort:
1. upstairs to the people who have the real business issues on their desktop;
2. upscale and entirely out of the league where you competitors are eating your lunch;

You need to start talking to your prospects about THEIR business. You'll be stunned when you feel the dialogue uncovers an opportunity.

Good luck & Good selling!
Pat - by OUTSource Sales
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