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new calls and follow up calls

Hi Everone Out there

I have a fright of making telephone calls, new ones especially and even follow up calls ill push them off as long as possible. I do not have this problem meeting somone, to a meeting i have plenty of confidence

Any tips would be welcome or if you can refer me to any old post that discuss this point

pinny - by pinnyz
I'm off to Kona.... but I'll be happy to contribute to this later. My opinion is to have a script. Know it, love it, practice it, tape it. See how you sound. Practice your technique and potential responses so that your transition is smooth when you have to shift gears.

Have a purpose to the call... sale/meeting etc. Don't stray from the purpose and don't lose sight of what's in it for him. Make the call from his side of the table... "I want to hear this... WHY?"

Much Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
thanks for the idea of taping myself brilliant idea, by the way where is kona - by pinnyz
Kona is on the Island of Hawaii, on the sunny side... :)

Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
I did at times too was scared to make the calls, but I remembered my boss would tell me to try and have fun with it. - by Polysquared
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