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Does it Take People Skills to Manage?

Often I am dumbfounded, mystified, shocked and even heart broken at managers who have no idea how to manage. I know there are wonderful motivating Sales Managers out there. I am not addressing you. Hopefully you know who you are. Management has been part of my career although I choose now to enjoy my first love, outside B2B sales. It has been very good to me over the years and I have made more than enough money to survive; most of the time.

The sales profession, which I believe is the greatest profession in the world, is an attitude driven profession. Your heart must be in your product or service you offer. I also believe you must have at least a semblance of good feelings for the company you bring your beloved clients money into. You work hard, face diversity, rejection while you wade through a sea of no’s just to hear that one wonderful, YES! “I’m buying what you are selling”.

A manager with no people skills can kill with a dagger, right in the heart, all motivation you have, if you do not protect yourself. Somewhere along the way some managers forget, or maybe never heard the words my Mama said to me a thousand times, “you catch more flies with Honey than with vinegar” I am sure she was talking about us sales people with our fragile egos. Just because a Sales Manager is not selling to a client doe