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What do you do different?

Do you do anything different on a cold call than you would do on a sales call where the buyer calls on you? - by Community Mailbox
Ummmm there is quite a difference when I'm soliciting as opposed to you coming to my office unannounced.

However, I still have to make a good impression. I still have to ask questions. I still have to find solution. I still have to recommend, but I don't have to beg for a hearing first.....

Ok... you know what I mean.... - by rattus58
Can you give an example of what all is different besides not having to beg [your word] for a hearing first? - by Community Mailbox
When someone comes to my office for insurance, it is generally on the property casualty side and they are doing the begging.

It is much easier to solicit information when they are desperate as opposed to them coming to see me to see what I got. The time that they are willing to invest has to be established first as opposed to them "shopping". You'd have to understand the insurance industry in Hawaii to comprehend this, but no two agents can quote the same company here. That being the case, if you are going to actually quote, you need to have them give you a lot of information if you're going to do the job as opposed to just giving them numbers.

If someone is "shopping", my approach is no differnt than if I solicited them first. If they come to me in a panic, which is typical for various reasons, we have to usually fix the original problem, usually unexpected premiums, before moving on to doing a proper survey. Questioning is the basis of 80% of our approach to people. Getting them to talk is our method.. Columbo, if you say enough you eventually will say too much. That is our key, hook, target, or thrust. A finger in the dike won't help you....sn;

Ask the right questions... Who, what, when, where, why, how and is there anything else...

If they are just shopping, you've got to sell yourself first. That usually means you have to establish yourself as an individual and company that they would trust to do their busieness with. Asking questions about themselves in order to help them usually goes a long way towards that end and has to be accomplished first. The shopper the the cold call are fraternal twins... so to speak.

Aloha... don't know if I answered your question... now I'm confused.... ;bg :cool: - by rattus58
The shopper (and) the cold call are fraternal twins... so to speak.
Extraordinary insight and a thought that I haven't heard expressed before! - by Ace Coldiron
Yes, very different.

The objective of the cold call is to get the customer to express interest - TO get them to say, "Tell me more".

If the buyer is coning to you then the interest is already there.

Dave Barnhart - by DaveB
For me they are night and day even though you can shift within a sentence.

People who enjoy cold calling are intrinsically very different than those who have the prospect come to them. We found that while sales reps can shift back and forth their income takes a beating when engaged in the style that is not as comfortable.

This prompted our article called: Surf-Turf and Amphibian The title looked good at the time :)

Turf: car sales
Surf: cold field calls such as door-to-door sales or phone
Amphibian: they get both worlds as with Realtors.

I am talking about career styles, not when a car salesman occasionally tries to sell a car over the phone.

When a prospect comes to me there are many lose assumptions that can be made: they know they have a need; they are willing to pay for it; they most likely have the money; they have the time; a good idea of the process, and rapport is not that essential in most circumstances. ( I wanted a Chrysler 300 it didn't matter if the sales rep was on probation)

In cold calling: I must get their attention; convince them of the need; convince them of the value; often find the money for them, and educate them on the process in a very, very short time, all of which requires extremely effective establishment of rapport and trust.


What really makes the difference is a sense of security amon