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Current college student in need of some better experience.

Well the headline says it all, I have been doing some retail non commission sales for about a year now and want to try something else. The problem is it has to be something that I can do while in school. Have any ideas? What are some jobs maybe businesses that you have been in that you can do during school and learn a lot at the same time. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences. - by MoneyMaker
You could sell fundraiser M&M's.... sn;

No... Ok... kids selling... When my kid was in college, he like playing football and went to work in a sporting goods store. Do what you like to do would be my first inclination, beyond that, insurance... no inventory and commissions are good, and if not the kid, sell the parents.

Much Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
Hello MoneyMaker:

You did some retail non commission work, did you like it or do you want to do something completely different from that, and if so what areas of work are you interested in?

Let me know what you are looking for and I might be able to suggest a few different avenues for you.

noorzareh - by noorzareh
You are likely not currently employed by a "sales organization." A sales organization is driven to achieve ever higher levels of sales performance. If your employer doesn't pay you on commission, then you are probably not employed by a sales organization.

Find a good sales organization- it will give you great training and great experience. But do your research carefully: there are lots of companies that hire and fire, hire and fire, hire and fire, and you don't want to be part of that type of organization.

Skip - by Skip Anderson
I agree with Skip on this but I will also say are there no part time tele-sales call centre roles that you could do?

At 17 I had my first telesales role and thoroughly enjoyed it - I only worked thurs evening and saturday for about 5 or 6 hours and got commision on top it was great! Do they have anything similar out there that you could do? - by Neelam
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