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Drop in or D2D

So I have found out the hard way that getting to individuals I need to is a pain. I have also found that (if you read my other long, grueling post) that cold calling will not work. We have done some branding, I have joined several community and state business organizations. Our presence is up but still not of any value on sales.

So I have started sending out informational booklets (they are really neat actually) customized to the prospects company. Now I'm getting a little response on those but I'm going to go nuts if I have to sit in front of my computer much longer.

My new theory is Door to Door or drop in education. I'm not looking to hard sell them, just looking off the bat to make them aware of what we do. Now a lot of businesses have no solicitation or solicitation by apt only, which is understandable. My issue comes in when people lean heavily on it and point to it rather than listening, knowing that trying to call to get an appointment is a nightmare.

My thought is this. What if I were to customize the material as if I were mailing it out, and drop it. Ask if the individual is available, if they say yes, introduce myself to them and leave the material and tell them to contact me if they have any questions, leaving it at a warm contact. And if they say no, have it personalized for the individual and just state that I'm there to deliver this for John Smith and would they please see that he get it.

Does anyone have experience in this, and if so does it work to at least get the ball rolling as far as nurturing a prospect into something worthwhile. If at the least to someone that may not sign up for our service on a retainer / contractual basis but will remember to call us when they have the immediate need.

Thanks in advance all -

Andy:dun - by C&AMarketing
If this isn't cold calling, I've been misrepresenting to myself. If you don't think cold calling will work, what in the name of john's jejosiphat are you doing going door to door... you're just a peddler going door to door, everyone knows that you can't make any money doing that. Never mind that Amway and Mary Kay have a bumbling sales force of ignorant dropouts that didn't get the message on cold calling not working.... and only did about 10 billion between them.. just think if they just learned how to sell...

Door to Door, Counter to Counter.. what's the difference you have the decision makers staring you in the face.. "Whatcha gonna do, man, whatcha gonna do?"

Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
Sorry, LOL, can see where that was misleading. I meant to put cold "calling". As in from a list over the phone. That was getting me nowhere, and mailing stuff directly to decision makers wasn't making it either. (Too many have secretaries or assistants that open and sort mail prior to their viewing and a lot of stuff gets canned).

So I was looking to see what the best way to do drop in was, instead of phone calls. My goal is to get the information to the individuals that it is relevant to and I feel like this might be my best approach. But have never done this before (have always worked from a warm lead list and pre-qualified leads for calls). So I don't want to come across as an idiot when I do it but also don't want to be overbearing and be the obnoxious "sales" guy that never makes it past step 1.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. And like I said my first step is to "educate" and get the information into their hands, and our material is designed well enough and appealing to the eye that one would be apt to read it to see what it is about, it is just getting it to the ones who need to read it.

Andy - by C&AMarketing
The worst you can do is tell them the truth. I sell this product and I'd like the opportunity to demonstrate its features so we can establish if it could benefit you as it does XXX of others living in this area... or whereever.

As you do this, you'll find in talking to people what hits there "hot" button (interest gene) and go on from there.

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