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New to sales need help....please

Hello all,

i am new to the sales world and have come here to get some advise on how to acquire new leads, i work for a it solutions company and my job is to acquire new managed type account from small to mediums sized business.

I know my product/services but just dont know whats the best method to acquire new leads, ive tried the face to face and that didnt go to well, cold calling has had the best result so far.... but no where near to sustain my income.

i was wondering if there others like me out there and wanted to get some points on how they started

thanks in advance for the responses - by eurolatin336
Firstly do you have leads already or is it the leads your looking for? If its not the leads your looking for it may be the the structure of your pitch or your pitch that needs work.....do you have confidence in your product and know enough about the product to describe it emotively ?

Matty - by Mattysales
i have plenty of confidence on the product, and even to express the advantages and savings regarding. Things is that i always get the objection "we already haven IT company" thats when i ask them to take a brochure and they gladly accept it but dont hear back from them.

So im wondering what it is that im doing wrong, or is that the natural process of sales? - by eurolatin336
Brochures end up in the bin usually, you need to find out what the other companies have over you!

When they say 'We already have an IT company'


'Do you mind me asking you a couple of questions regarding your current IT company, this is for our records so we don't offer you products that may not suit your needs in the future'

This way you create a sense of security, but youve only said you wont contact them about products they aren't suited to....dosent mean you can't find a product that suits them.

Ask questions like..

Other companies name
How long have you been using them
Are you satisfied with the service
Are you in a contract with them? if so, when does it end?

You will have more of an idea on the questions you need to ask as im not in IT.

Good luck

Matty - by Mattysales
Hey Matty,

thanks for your inputs on this case, your question are almost right on the money. I can definitely use that as a nice rebuttal and acquire more information on their practices and when i can contact them in the future.

I will start looking to see how my competition is getting their message across, again thanks for you input on this case ;co - by eurolatin336
Giving you 10 powerful methods of lead generation.
1) Sphere of Influence
2) Cold calling
3) Knocking on doors
4) Farming
5) Seminars
6) Mass mailing
7) Newspapers
8) Email publications
9) Hairstylist
10) Daily Contacts - by Team Building FL

Anyone who is new to sales probably feels your pain. Heck there are seasoned professionals who experience the same thing, so you are not alone.

Here are a few pieces of advice you might want to incorporate into your approach.

1. Identify your ideal target market - you can't be everything to every company. You may be a great IT but the Small and medium sized business market it too broad potentially. Focus on a sector or segment. For example, I live in Calgary where oil and gas is huge. If I were in IT, I would target only oil an gas companies, they need a lot of IT products, hardware and software. I typically look for 100 to 400 companies or prospects to continually be farming/calling.

2. Realize that sales is a numbers game - If you make one call and never call back, then you are missing the biggest opportunity to sell.

44% of sales people quit trying after the first call
24% of sales people quit after the second call
14% of sales people quit after the third call
12% of sales people quit after the fourth call

94% of all sales people quit calling after the 4th call and this is where 60% of all sales take place.

3. Alignment of the planets - basically, put together a call schedule (in person or over the phone) to contact people. Eventually the planets align and if you are persistent then you will be first of mind and when the client needs something, they will call you. I would connect with a prospect every 4 to 6 weeks and tell them about a new service or widget or aspect of what you are selling. Keep at it and the law of averages will work in your favor.

Hope this helps. - by salestipaday
Thank you for the tips that you have given Eurolatin366, I'll be able to utilise the tips as well.

I like the stats of Salestipaday...these are great.

Eurolatin366, we have to just keep going, we'll get better and better at our approach, our "speak" and our sales - good luck - by mznks6
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