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A newbie in Education Sales.. finding it hard and advice would be nice.

Hi guys

I'm new to sales, new to the graduate job market and new to this forum. I have recently finished university and I have always had a passion for sales and was very lucky to secure a job at an education publishing company!

I have been working here for about 4 weeks now and I must say I am starting to feel useless to some extent. I came into the organisation and I haven't recieved any formal training at all so I have started from scratch really. I had two days with the national sales manager who then left the company and I have now taken over her role. I haven't actually been given any targets yet which im still a bit dissapointed about as I want to make my salary higher .

I'm selling an online pupil resource to schools and although I have to admit that selling to teachers may be a financially good option right now but actually getting through to teachers particularly headteachers through reception is a nightmare. Honestly secretarys just cut me off point blank.

So far I would say that I am averaging at 5-8 sales a week which sounds really bad I know but they are quite high value sales. Last week I made £6000 for my company in a week. I'm reading book after book, looking at techniques, listening to CDs in my car and I really want to be the best I can but right now I feel a bit low and like Im letting my company down. When it comes to demonstrating the product im selling the teachers say how good I am at presenting and how I actually ask them questions an dundertsand them than try and sell.

Any advice on how to pick myself up and turn this around would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - by mikeuk21
It's tough to get the whole picture from your post. You're a newbie feeling useless with a company that provides no formal training. However, the company has assigned you the role of national sales manager. But, they have given you no objectives.

It doesn't sound like a well grounded opportunity.

I am very much in favor of college graduates accepting only those sales jobs which provide comprehensive training. - by Ace Coldiron
Sorry I didn't explain my post as well as I could of.

I have the role as a Sales executive.. I have taken over the work that the national sales manager was doing regarding my product. She was selling my product and then this was handed this to me. I feel like I'm not selling as well as I should be and this is frustrating me.

And I thought that formal training would be provided for me when i took the job, and they have told me I will recieve some sort of training in the near futute. However right now in this economic situation beggers cant be choosers when it comes to work whether that be a graduate market or any other for that matter.

Thanks for the reply! - by mikeuk21
Just a Question. How well was the national sales manager sales before you took over from her? It could not have been that great either to be quite honest with you unless she knows something I dont.

Sweetie you are not the only one that is struggeling and no amount of book reading or CD listening is going to improve your game untill the ecomonic crisis is over.
I used to make big money and now I am hardley getting by. Its just scary how bad things have gotten.

The only advise I can give you is that you dont become a good sales person from a book or a CD. They might have helpfull hints etc. but that is it. You have to develope your own unique style that people will remember and talk about. I am assuming that you are quite spontanious seeing as you are in sales. Spontinaiety is such a great thing to have and combined with a bubbly personality you will be the bomb. Still doesnt mean you will be improving your sales.

Times are hard and unfortunately jobs in sales are suffering for it. People think twice before giving out any money these days.

Its hard I know but chin up I am sure it has nothing to do with your sales skills.

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Makes me want to throw the sales I've written this week in the trash can. - by Ace Coldiron
Hello Ace Coldiron,
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