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Do you have a morning routine for success?

Do you have a routine or mental checklist of any kind that you run through every morning to start off on the right foot daily? - by Community Mailbox
Coffee. Number one thing by far. Injected directly into the veins preferably. After that, some breath mints to over power the coffee. Third, a few slaps in the face to get the blood flowing.

Fourth....uh, still working on that. Depends on which direction I'm yelled at first. - by Thufir
I have taped to my mirror a quote from Krish Dhamam
Wish I had or glad I did.This reminds me to take the neccessary risks I require of myself to be as sucessful as I will be during the day. - by rich34232
Hmmm... I thought there would be more people who start out their day in full pursuit of their goals by first running through a mental checklist of their desired outcomes, what they need and what they can do to get that much closer. - by Community Mailbox
I use my time traveling to work to review things I need to do for the day. That's a quick list. After that I let my mind go and envision where I want to be and how to get there. Usually by the time I get to work I have specific tasks I want to do.. both with the days business and with my goals. - by Topper
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