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A question for people new(ish) to sales

If we were to pretend that success in sales was achieved by only being excellent at:

-building rapport & relationships
-asking good questions
-handling objections

Which one of these areas have you found hardest to get good at? Is it because you haven't found good information about the topic, or that what you've found is hard to put into practice?

I'm getting ready to start some sales training at work and am exploring different takes on the topic. - by goodselling
Just for clarity, please tell us what you mean by "Rapport" and "Good Questions". Thanks! - by Jeff Blackwell
Rapport is the key. Even if you're terrible at everything else (including the presentation, asking questions, handling objections etc) if the customer likes you you will make sales. I'm in retail selling and find even when I do everything correctly (ask good questions, look after the customer, selflessly investigate their needs and offer a tailored solution) if the customer doesn't like me or something about me (i.e. my face) then I wont get the sale. Likewise I've butchered many presentations but still made the sale because the customer liked.. or pitied me.;bg I think your mood, personality and attitude decide whether people will like you or not, and I've found mastering my emotions and prejudices has been the most difficult part of selling. When I get my head right, everything else just seems to follow naturally. - by sales_ace
Agree with sales_ace a lot is dependent on whether customer likes you or not, If your customer likes you, you definitely gone make sale. - by Team Building FL
One question:

Why would we pretend this?

Sales is never, ever, this simplistic. - by peter-odonoghue
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