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Need some advice for appointment setting

Hi, names Jason new to this forum and sales in general. Actually I'm not even in sales I set appointments for the outside sales reps. I'm still having a little trouble getting through to these business owners. Maybe it's just because I haven't tried enough. When someone on the other line picks up the phone I get flustered, lots of ummms and uhhhs. My job is to call businesses and let them know of our company as well as informing them of a free complementary listing. What the appointment is for is to present our marketing system. Here's what I've been saying almost verbatim. Any advice is appreciated.

(if I get to the person in charge of marketing)
Yes, hi there this is Jason speaking with LocalLife San Diego. Just giving you a courtesy call to let you know we're updating our database and giving all businesses a complimentary listing in our directory. I needed to confirm your address is still located at _______? Is that correct? And do you know very much about our company? Well we are the premier local business directory for San Diego and surrounding counties we get about 2.5 million hits in San Diego per month, we recently partnered up with the Padres as well as the top 4 radio stations in San Diego. And If it's not so much trouble _____ one of our reps will be in the ____ area this week introducing our company to the area and activating some of your neighbors listings as well as showing some affordable enhancements to those that are interested, everything takes about 10 minutes, it's absolutely free of charge with no obligations whatsoever. Is there a time this week when ____ can stop by to show you your listing? We're available anytime before 12:00pm and after 1:00pm what would work better for you? How does _____ on _____ sound?

Oh, by the way do you have a website and e-mail? Perfect, than again we'll see you at ____ on _____ thanks for your time have a great day. - by Hitbuster
Lose this:And do you know very much about our company?Avoid questions they can answer with NO. If they ever heard of your company, they would already interrupt you in a first minute or two.
Talk about what is in it for them. Use features and benefits, but mostly benefits (create the list of it to have it next to you when you dial). Talk about similar businesses, for example other flower shops in your area love us because (add benefit here).

Good luck! - by AlenMajer
Absolutely correct. You do not want to present prospects with questions where the answer can be no.

Your script sounds good overall but should be condensed. Most people suffer A.D.D. with less patience or interest in being sold.

Instead of mentioning a specific area business that is not related to theirs, I would say: "We are currently working with customers in your industry. To be ahead of your competition, it is essential to advertise effectively so your customers can find you.

(go into your details you listed about the benefits and purpose)

You definitely would need to make sure you mention that your offer is complimentary (free) and that you would like an appointment to show them how they can attract more business more effectively than they are currently doing and that you have additional benefits to offer them beyond the free service which would be well worth the cost.

Customers do not like to be suckered, lied to or bait and switched, so be honest upfront on what you are expecting of them and WHY it would benefit them...it is ALL about the benefit!

Craig Edmund Klepin, MBA - by Guru4sale
My response below is going to be off-topic and if anyone wants to discuss it further let's take it to a different thread to keep from hijacking this discussion. With that being said I feel compelled to express my opinion that the following suggestion...
Avoid questions they can answer with NO.
... is too general to be helpful and without proper context has the potential to yield more harm than good. - by Jeff Blackwell
Off-topic responses removed and new thread started: Avoid Yes/No Questions - by Jeff Blackwell
I too, feel that the script should be shorter and more quick to the point. What follows is a script I used with great success in B2B sales for cold calling...

Introduction - Your name, company name

Pattern Interrupt -"Did I catch you at a bad time?" (Much more original than "How are you?")

Problem Statement - "We provide (insert product/service) for companies who are....
--"Trying to...Concerned with...Not 100% happy with..." (Pick 1)

Solution Statement - "Because we've helped many companies..." (insert benefit, e.g., save 25%
on their office supplies)....
Relating Question - "I was wondering if ..." , "Are you concerned with..." or " How are you
currently handling..."

Transition to follow up - "I'm not sure that we can help you the way we've helped other
companies, but why don't we set aside some time, say 30-45 minutes
where we can discuss this further?"

Next steps * - "Great. I'll send you an email with some possible dates and times and you can let
me know what might work best for you."

* Make it easy for the prospect. Don't ask them to check their calendar on the spot. It's too intrusive and it usually results in them asking you to reschedule after they take a closer look at their schedule anyway. Simply confirm their email address and advise them to look for an email from you shortly with a few dates and times to choose from. This shows the prospect that you are a take-charge person who gets things done, while at the same time demonstrates your flexibility in accommodating the prospect's schedule - both of which will earn your prospect's respect.

Good luck!

How you communicate determines your success!! - by CoachMaria
Hitbuster...here's a little tip that should be easy to remember and implement.

Always....always....talk about what your company can DO for them.

You need to always think.....don't tell them what it IS......tell them what it DOES (for them) LIKE THIS:

We help companies to make a lot more profit from their marketing, without THEM spending any more money.

We assist in driving more customers into your business.

We show businesses how to turn more prospects...into paying customers.

We funnel more net profit into businesses by showing them how to attract droves of potential now customers, without spending a dime more on their adverts.

Would you be open to discussing some of these ideas with one of our media experts......initial consultation costs nothing and there's no obligation.

.Go for it - by helisell
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