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Need-based Customers

What percentage of the people who contact you are need-based customers meaning customers who have a specific intention to buy a specific item or service? - by Community Mailbox
Actually wasn't that answered by the poll? - by rattus58
Actually wasn't that answered by the poll?
In addition to voting in the poll there may be those who want to discuss the topic. - by Community Mailbox
I think it really depends on my marketing.
I know when I first got into sales I was selling home security systems door to door and those prosepcts did not have the intention to buy, I had to educate them and use my sales skills to provide that need and create a desire in my prospects mind.

These days however I am more focused on marketing and attraction the lookers and buyers to me, if they are a buyer they often buy right then, if they are a looker I will build a relationship with them and simply be there when the customer needs what I am offering. - by Smile
This question is not as easy as it appears. My clients usually need what I have however I must drive the need and want to own from me.There are hundreds if not more in the immediate area that deliver the same product.The service and value is what makes us different.

Answering the question 90% need help, those that need to own from me is zero it is my job to drive that to 100% and have them own from me. - by rich34232
I agree with Smile 100%.

It's difficult to answer to this question. I'll answer it for a specific situation to see what others think.

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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