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First Impressions

I'm sure everyone has heard, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Do you have any tips on how to make a good impression when cold calling in person? - by Gilbert
One thing that really bothers me is when a salesperson whom I never met comes into my office and acts/talks to me as if we've known each other for years.

Tip? Don't do that. :D - by MagicMan
If a prosect ever comes out to meet you and says that he is "too busy to see you today":rolleyes: , believe him! Don't try to force a quick sales pitch in the lobby. Give him/her your card, schedule an appointment. "I understand, I apologize for dropping in unannounced, when would be a good time for me to come back?" is usually a pretty good way to handle that.

Tip: Just as important as leaving a good first impression is not forcing a situation that will leave a bad first impression.;) - by Doc MC
IMO, "first impressions" are important with "relationship" selling but not all sales is "relationship" selling. - by SEOMyth
OK forum a big Statement here.


Prospect profiling is the now and even that will die soon.

Anyone who cold calls either in person or on the phone is leaving sales to chance and sales is about methodology and systems, NOT luck. - by Bizal
I'd be interested in hearing more about your theory.

IMO, "Cold Calling" cold calling is never "Dead". It might fall out of favor or sport a new label but the primative nature of the concept precludes it from dying. - by SalesGuy
Ok, you've got my interest. Why is cold calling of any type dead? - by MagicMan

Prospect profiling is the now and even that will die soon.

Anyone who cold calls either in person or on the phone is leaving sales to chance and sales is about methodology and systems, NOT luck.
IMO, cold calling is a more difficult way to go about prospecting, but can be useful depending on what you are selling. Either way, you always have to make an intial contact and "first impression". - by Doc MC
OK Bizal...let's hear your alternative to cold calling (prospecting)... - by RainMaker
Prospect Profiling

In simple terms this is collecting data on a suspect to get the following:

1: Who the decision maker(s) are
2: What they are looking
3: When they would like it
4: What the purchasing criteria is
5: What they like about their supplier
6: What they don’t like about the supplier.

Add all of the above into a sales database i.e. act, goldmine etc.

Now and only now speak to the decision maker ( at the optimum time) and sell a solution rather than asking them what they are looking for. Asking what they are looking for does not help thier business. Selling a solution to a business need does. These people are busy. Do NOT waste there time as so many people do.

Simple example
Selling IT support

Most contracts are for a year. So what is the point cold in cold calling when you have at best a 1-12 chance that they are looking for this service? Now if you had prospect profiled all the calls would be to people who are renewing or looking for an IT support company. - by Bizal
Cold calling is defined as speaking to a decision maker and making and starting the sales cycle.

Now the easy question

Do you like people who cold you and have not got a clue if you are in the market for a specific product and service?

In the larger companies these people can get hit with 20+ cold calls a week and hence most waste their time.

Now do you like some calling you who knows what you are looking for, what your budget and preferred solution is and is offering a solution?

That is why cold calling is dead.

Re how you get the data.

1: Buy it

2: Call and speak to their people in the company i.e. reception, people in the decision makers team etc. - by Bizal
Here's my two cents... It sounds like you guys discussing apples and oranges. They are two different things.;)

IMO, Magicman views cold calling as a way of prospecting to find potential new customers, on the other hand Bizal is saying that prospect profiling which is something that takes place after the prospect is already indentified should replace it in the sales process.

These two components of sales don't seem to be directly related to the same function. Prospecting to me almost always includes some type of cold call or initial contact whether by phone or in person or whether you have profiled them or not.

You both make good points, I just think that you aren't arguing the same part of the process.:) - by Doc MC
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