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I need help in tele sales.

I work in an equity research company.Our company recommends 1 equity stock to our customers per month.The subscription runs for 1 year.Our mode of selling is through telecalling people.My problem is that people ask for free trial before buying.How to deal with these customers as our company dosen;t allow a free trial.The reason being that our stock investment is for long term so giving a free trial for a month or so will also not serve the purpose,But people don't listen and still ask for free trial.Please help! - by nilesh747
Hi....a couple questions

Who are you targetting with the calls?

What is the message (script?) you are
using to engage them initially?

What percentage are asking for a free trial? - by helisell
We have purchased a readymade database of people who are interested to invest money in stockmarkets.So we call them and this is what the script that we use:

Good morning Sir, this is Nilesh from abc.com.I got your data through our website.Are you interested in our services?I will let you know more about our services.Bullsbook.com is a research newsletter in which we recommend one wealth creating stock per month.The holding period of these stocks are from 12-18 months.Our research experts select these stocks from the small and midcap segments.The returns that we anticipate from these stocks are 5-10 times from the buying price.This research newsletter will contain the name of the stock along with a detailed report which mentions the company's strength and weaknesses,management,past financial record and how the company is going to get benifitted in the coming months which will lead to the rise in its stock price.This research report comes in two editions i.e Email edition and print edition.The email edition costs Rs.---- and the print edition costs Rs,---If you register before 30th Nov you will get 1 year subscription free of cost for Rs.----.Our main usp is that we select stocks by fundamental analysis and we explain you in detail why owe have selected this stock and why will it go up in future, which very few people in the market will let you know.We wish to create a good pool of investors.If you approach a broker he will just recommend 4-5 stock names but he will not tell you the reason behind his selection because he is interested in his brokerage rather than your wealth creation.

So this is the script that I normally use.People still ask for som free trial before buying the subscription because they are addicted to free trials provided by other players in the market.

Kindly help me in how to say 'no' to free trials and still win these customers. - by nilesh747
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