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Familiar Resources: Who do we know that does that?

I wonder... when you, me or anybody is considering setting out in search of a product/service to satisfy a want/need how often the question, "Who do we know that sells/does that?" comes up?

Would you say that question comes up often? If you believe the question does come up often do you believe there is anything you can do as a source/provider to align with that behavior pattern? - by Community Mailbox
With Google ranking next to God (some people question this, though,... since they are atheists) most of us, believers (Google believers, that is), go to Google Search to identify where we can find what we want.

Almost every business (with some exceptions) has a goldmine of a sales opportunity in Google, if we know how to tap it. Almost every business can increase its sales by at least 25% (it could be several 100% or even several 1000%) if it knows how to tap the internet.

Ganesan - by ezynes
In the past year I have rediscovered the power of referrals. When I had my own business I was not in the phone book. The first ten years I was in business I had more work than I knew what to do with and we used our home phone number as a business number. All of my business was word of mouth. All of the sudden I was in a position that I needed to make a decision and that decision was to grow. I purchased a shop and office and we lived the American Dream and purchased a new home. I now needed a different phone number due to the location of both the home and shop and entered the phone book. I still kept the old number and had it forwarded to my new number and lived off referrals.

We sold and moved south. I no longer worked for myself and never gave referrals a second thought. My value to the company is measured by the amount of long time repeat business with our clients. Typically I call them my clients. Since I have become the manager and now I must think about word of mouth marketing and the strength that referrals have with all businesses. It is a much different game than it used to be. It no longer is use me because I am really really good at what I do. More is necessary to earn the right to do business. It is tougher today to earn respect and trust. I know someone who does this has become our number one reason our doors are still open. Word of mouth referrals are the life blood of many service industry companies. Especially since a large amount of companies are tightening their belts and taking more out from the budget of standard marketing and advertising efforts. - by rich34232
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