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Question: How many open opportunities do you have at any point in time?

I range from 185 to 215. - by Andrea
Question: How many open opportunities do you have at any point in time?

I range from 185 to 215.
Hi Andrea, what exactly do you mean? Are you asking how many qualified prospects have I approached and are unresolved at the moment?

Much Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58
yes, that is what I mean... how many deals are you working on at any given point in time... - by Andrea
My current prospect/client active list is 12. Within that 12 are 3 active employer groups with possibly 330 thereabouts individual sales potentials.

Much Aloha... Tom :cool: - by rattus58

I will make the dreaded "assumption" that you really want to know if you have too many or too few. Without knowing what you are selling it is hard to answer it by numbers so let me try and explain how to figure it out.

The number should be what you understand will result in the sales volume you desire. This is either determined by others before you in your industry developing trends that you can duplicate or monitoring your trends to understand what you need. If you are not working in a system that has been proven don't take others word for it, track your results and figure it out.

Once you understand what you need the fun part is figuring out how to achieve your goals with less going in and more coming out in sales.

Here are three tips I have been taught that will help in this area.

1. An early no is better than a late no. Don't be afraid to hear no, the longer you put it off the more wasted work you will have.

2. Qualify your prospects before adding them to your pipeline
a. The right type of prospect you are looking for
b. They need to express a problem, goal or need that your product or service can solve before moving forward

3. Make sure you are selling to decision makers not users or information gatherers as often as possible.

Sorry I could not give you a number as my numbers are very small due to the fact I work with a small group of clients at one time.

Did I assume right or did I miss the mark?

Rene - by Sales Manager Now
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