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I need to talk with my partner objection

Every once in a while I get this one, "I need to talk with my partner."

This one is kind of hard to overcome because if you think about it, it kind of makes sense.

What do you think? - by Gilbert
That's a tough one,:confused: becuase like you said it does make sense. I would try to feel him out to see if there was anything that he wasn't comfortable with so that you can get that/those objections out of the way and he will go to his partner in the best frame of mind for making a favorable decision.:) One thing I would make sure I do is get get at least a small close, something like "Great, When do you can I expect to hear back from you?" after he tells you when, ask "Should I call you or come down to meet with you?". Then make sure you follow up. - by Doc MC
IMO, a couple of different things could be going on here.

Scenario #1: This person does not have the ability/authority to make a decision on his/her own and really does need to talk with someone else. If this is the case then I think what Doc said is good advice.

Scenario #2: The desire to own the benefits of the product/service is not high enough. - by SalesGuy
This is an "oldie-goldie" that never seems to go away.

There can be many different reasons for this response but the next step is always the same. You need to find out what specifically is preventing this client from moving forward with the decision. - by SEOMyth
Typically when I hear that either the person either can't make up their mind to say "Yes" or they can't muster the courage to say "No." - by WobblyBox
One of the most under-asked questions in sales is, "Who else is involved in this decision?" or "Who else do you normally talk to or consult with when making a decision of this nature?"

This immediately identifies if the person you are speaking to will be checking with someone else. If they are you can follow-up with, "What have the two of you discussed so far?" or depending on what you sell, "What do you think they will want in this solution?"

Your goal is to identify the "other person's" buying criteria or concerns. This will enable you to modify the discusssion/presentation of your product or service so it addresses the other person's issues.

BTW - This information should be uncovered early in the sales process, not at the end when you're asking for a decision.

Kelley - by Kelley Robertson
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