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In Your Selling Paradigm, When Is It Okay to Show Anger to a Prospect/Customer?

We're human. Customers are human. When humans come together, there is a chance that anger will enter the mix.

When is it acceptable to show anger to a customer? Is it ever okay? Under what circumstances have you expressed anger to a customer or prospect and felt it was justified? When is it not justified?

Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
In my opinion, Skip, I can not justify a time when one should express anger to a customer. Even if they say "Yes", sign the contract, and later say, 'uhh....we've decided to go in a different direction'. The professional salesperson would ask questions, of course, and express disappointment over the lost committment, but showing anger would give up emotional control, and that should never happen in a professional atmosphere. Just my two cents. - by David Mack
I'm with David... Be a man, suck it up, thank him for his time and consideration and suggest that you'll be back. Figure out WHAT I DID WRONG... and move next door to the "bookends".

Much Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
I don't think it's ever justified. Have I done it? Sure have. It's human nature to get angry with other humans for whatever reason. That's never going to change. But the trick is learning how to deal with it. - by Justin Time
I am with you, Justin. We've all been there, or been close to blowing our tops when things go wrong. - by David Mack
Anger is a normal human emotion and it's OK to be angry (Trying to think of that Biblical quote).

SHOWING anger is another subject. I believe justification to show anger towards a customer could exist, but would be very rare, and the act should be avoided wherever possible. - by Gary A Boye
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