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Sales is a People business.

It has often been said that salespeople are in the people business. In your opinion what does that mean? - by Community Mailbox
It has often been said that salespeople are in the people business. In your opinion what does that mean?
I frequently say that. However it is not an absolute truth any more than sales could be defined with one definition.

I interpret the essence of the statement to mean that sales at its highest level of practice is a people business. Those who engage at that level would never need clarification. Those that don't have often been guided or misguided into other points of focus and often become entrenched there.

Mountains, wildlife, seascapes, flowers, etc. are often wondrous parts of this planet that make life worth living and observing. But people is what we ARE. A life worth living is one where we interact with others in contributing and rewarding ways. There is NO reason to isolate our career in sales away from that. Some do--as if we were a different species because we sell for a living. Those that do can never truly attain the higher levels of selling nor their rewards. - by Gary A Boye

I think this is truer today than ever before.

Almost all other roles in the company, be it marketing, purchase, manufacturing, recruitment, training, or whatever, even though they may involve human interaction, are not exactly centered only around people for success; people form just one component, even if an important component. And the people involved are mostly one's own colleagues, sharing the same values and motives in the case of non-sales functions.

Whereas, for a salesperson to be successful, she/he has to succeed with people, esp. strangers from a different company with whom she/ he may not have a pre-existing relationship, or at least not a strong relationship.

With most jobs becoming increasingly computer-centric, the people-people contacts have only been coming down in the other jobs. Not so in a sales job.

So, I do believe Sales is more a People business than any other function.

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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