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inbound sales, invoice solds or virtual terminal?

i've been a lurker here for a while and see there's some pretty smart people here.

we are new to telemarketing and would appreciate some advice on this scenario from b2b sales agents who might know best way to do this:

suppose you had inbound leads generated by a survey style telemaketing call and you were trying to go for a one-call close.

the inbound lead is interested and requests a call back after responding positively to the survey call.

let's suppose that our rep calls the prospect and spends 5-10 minutes on the phone with the prospect, and the prospect expresses interest. Let's assume the product you have is time sensitive and only available for about 2 weeks to this client.

how do you collect the money? (we do have a virtual paypal terminal but rarely use it). We have been sending an email menu style invoice to the prospect within 24 hrs which is only getting paid about 5% of the time.

problem is these leads are costing $5-7 each for a fairly low priced product.

(the product range is $250-600, with (4) different service levels)

my question: do you just go ahead and say "would you like to put this on your credit card and we'll get you on the schedule right now"---and if you say that and he says "i want to think about it", do you just go ahead and send the email with a payment deadline?

my point is, do you think we'll improve our close ratio by just hitting him between the eyes and asking for his CC? our approach up to this point has been very soft sale, just referring client to our website, which has samples, extensive references, etc.

this client does not know who we are yet, and we know our best chance for a sale is after he looks at our website, but be then he has cooled off. (and when we call him he may or may not have access to the web)

knowledgeable advice requested. - by ducatidriver
my point is, do you think we'll improve our close ratio by just hitting him between the eyes and asking for his CC?
My answer is a resounding YES.

A credit card facilitation is the easiest way to get the sale and avoid the "cooling off" that would take place often if you extended the buying process in this scenario.

However, it would be smoother and more effective if you offer a choice on how to purchase immediately. If you are able to process a check by phone, that would allow an alternate advance close. Example: Would you like to use your credit card to get this scheduled, or check by phone?

*Slight finesse: Never say "..put it on your credit card." Say instead ..."use your credit card.." - by Gary A Boye
Gary, thanks for the "finesse" verbiage, we'll get check by phone setup right now.

gotta admit this sort of nitty gritty advice is very valuable. thmbp2; - by ducatidriver
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