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In what way is sales an art?

Some people view sales (ie; personal selling) as an art. From your experience, in what way is sales an art? - by Community Mailbox
Some people view sales (ie; personal selling) as an art. From your experience, in what way is sales an art?
I think sales probably crosses all categories of business. Order taking, checkout sales.. (do you want some soda, water, candy etc before you go?) Stock sales, and you have a structured sale, and then you have someone who can weave stories for example, adroitly glean pertinent information through pertinent questioning, in which one can connect clearly information with solution.

My sales are sometimes art, but mostly structure in the manner of which I conduct my sales. Some of my presentation might be considered art if through words alone I'm able to trigger someone thinking about what I say as it relates to them personally and moves them to look for more information or engage in the product itself.

Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
OK, I'll give it a shot, as silly as it's going to sound:

Art is, well..., art. Sales is an art when other sales pros look at a completed sale and smile in appreciation and admiration. Sometimes a completed sale is a thing of beauty. That's when Sales is an Art. - by DaveB
sales is an art. it expresses it is creative, it performs, it is active, it is showy, it is boastful, it builds, and when it is completed, it is a delight.
guess many will agree with me . - by temitope
I believe sales is (and has been gravitating toward being) a science, as there are bunches in the game with PhD's in behavorial sciences, and other human sciences to understand the psychology of the mind in selling. There were sparingly present 30 years ago. As a salesperson today, you must have that human understanding of why people buy. That is why questions are so important to the discovery process. - by David Mack
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