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In your opinion what can a sales coach do for you that you can't do for yourself? - by Community Mailbox
In your opinion what can a sales coach do for you that you can't do for yourself?
That question sounds like a sales coach is a commodity.

We all experience all types of people in our lives, and if we are fortunate, some will have a very positive influence on our lives. I suppose it is possible that one of them could be a sales coach. The people who have influenced my life have not been in that category.

SO--in answer to the question, what we can "do for ourselves" is savor the good relationships that nurture our growth, and help others grow. We don't need a coach to do that. - by Gary A Boye
That question sounds like a sales coach is a commodity.
I suppose that without differentiation sales coaching might be perceived by some as a commodity.

I'm of the impression that people seek out sources for those things which they can't do/provide themselves and wonder what others are seeking in a sales coach. - by Community Mailbox
As with every endeavor, you can't learn it all from books and videos. Books and videos are lousy at giving good feedback. A second pair of eyes and ears are excellent at spotting issues you don't see.

All the best athletes use coaches to enhance their performance. Why should sales be any different? - by DaveB
Thanks for the input. Does anyone else have an opinion on this topic? - by Community Mailbox
Why a Sales Coach?

Professional baseball, football, tennis players, golfers, swimmers, actors, politicians, and a myriad of other top achievers in their fields rely on coaches. The outside perspective from the right person sees what we do not see about ourselves and then feed it back in a way that leads to improvement.

Ever look at a photo of yourself and think, that isn’t what I look like, blame it on the camera or say, “I’m just not photogenic.” As self-critical as I am, and after nearly forty-years, I can still use someone else’s perspective. A good coach can help anyone seeking the perfection of their craft get closer to their goal. - by GSHart
A good sales coach should more than pay for his own services by improving your sales success beyond what you pay for his coaching. Once you start to see that you actually benefit by paying out money you can let go of that, "I need to do it all for myself" approach. It's actually costing you money to hold on to that. Of course if you don't get a good coach then you'll have a bad experience, and lose money. Aks the coach, "are you going to be able to increase my salse by more than the cost of your coaching fees?" If he or she hedges on this question, you should probably move on. - by ToddR
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