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The Depth of Qualifying: Your Expertise Needed

The subject of qualifying is a source of great debate and to a degree, everyone is right. There are the obvious values on the checklist like authority, budget, need, and time frame. Then thereís the stuff beneath the surface, the instinctual things like personality type and integrity level.

After nearly forty-years in this wonderful game, I am writing fulltime for the purpose of leaving behind the things I have learned from fabulous mentors and peers, as well as my own experience. I just donít know it all, remember it all, or can articulate it all, and hereís where I need your help. One word, one sentence, a whole page, whatever valuable wisdom you have to share on this subject will be greatly appreciated by many young, aspiring salespeople.

Credit will be given in the acknowledgements for use of your input. - by GSHart
Hello Gary. One thing that stands out in my mind relating to "qualifying" is mutual trust and respect. Have you addressed that in your material? - by Jeff Blackwell
We teach that there are about nine qualification criteria. For example one of them is 'Wherewithal'. Does this prospect have the ability make the sale happen? In actuality, 'Wherewithal' can encompass a lot of things. The important skill is to be able to translate that simple word into all things 'wherewithal' for each prospect, company, and product.

I suggest that if you can distill your wisdom on topics like this you will have a best-seller on your hands. - by DaveB
Use the example of the 'best qualification tecnhique in the world'

i.e. your doctor.

You visit him with a pain/complaint...(the need)

He spends a long time getting to the possible solution by asking a LOT of questions. How long?....when did it start?...have you had it before? ....Any other symptoms? etc etc etc

He qualifies....then does a prognosis....then a diagnosis......then a prescription (solves the problem)

If he missed out any of the questions.....would you trust his diagnosis?

If he shortcut the process....would you accept his solution.

When you think you have qualified enough....then qualify some more.....then say...'OK My Customer....I think I have covered everything there.....can you think of anything I've missed'.....that's usually when they throw you the biggest clue about what it's going to take to get this deal.

Lovely stuff. - by helisell
I believe in order to properly qualify you need to have empathy and you have to actively listen and listen and listen. - by thecatcher13
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