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Cold call approach

Well I'm not sure if it's called this but whatever it's called when you walk into a business cold. The approach I use is very simple and I feel has worked for me. But I'm interested in how and what you guys use.

Just for the scenerio, lets say I'm selling printer paper and I have a deal where I can come in 30% lower than what they're paying now. My approach would be something like this.

1. Walk in and ask if there's a manager or owner available.
A. If there's resistance I usually just introduce myself and tell them what I can offer, possibly trying to get the managers name and take a card to call later.
B. If the manager/owner comes out or is the one I'm talking to then I give my pitch.

2. Hi, my name is __ ___ with __ __ we deal with __ __. Are you currently being service (what I ask with my current window cleaning biz). But this would change offering a product you know they are already buying. (very interested in hearing your guys)

3. If they say no thanks or they're satisfied with what they have sometimes I will leave a card but more times I just save the card and time and rush to the next business. I never try and talk them out of it, or deliver more pitch. I just think it's a waste of time and not only that but strikes a nerve. Nothing wrong with saying "thank you for your time, have a good day, then rush on to one of the next million businesses out there"

4. If they are interested then I usually quote them out or with selling a product I'm not sure what I'd do. I guess I'd fill out a quick quote sheet taking their info and what they use, then contact them with pricing later. Unless of course I have the prices then "which probably isn't going to be the case". What do you guys do?

I'd appreciate all input whether you feel your pitch is good or bad.

Thanks in advance,

Justin - by Justin Time
I think it's good. It states your value proposition, gives them permission to say 'no', and demonstrates credibility. - by DaveB
The first thing I'm curious to know is that, is price always a driving factor for why business owners choose XYZ printer paper?

I'd love this to be more of a conversation rather then a presentation. Getting the business owner involved. The last thing he wants is to think he had made a bad decision and coming in hard with your 30% discount might give me a perception of a lesser quality paper.

Another addition would be validating the office girl. She is the Director of First Impressions and has the power of letting people see the boss and stopping you before you start.

"Sorry to bother you ______, my name is _______ and I'm from the ______. How has your day been so far? The reason I'm hear is I might be able to save your company some money (if you're checky and confident you might say "and hopefully to help you with a raise"). Can I ask who is the boss in your establishment? I won't take much of his or your time, is it possible to see him now or shall I make an appointment for a time that suits you better?" - by MrCharisma
In general I think you have a good approach.
Myself I like to be a little more interesting in my opening statement. I agree that you shouldn't spend to much time on someone that isn't interested, but if you don't catch their interest at once, they will never be interested.

I try to do something unexpected or just ask a easy question like; Do you wish your window cleaning service would be more effective and cheaper at the same time?

That way I always get a way in and a fair chance to present my product. - by LookingDaniel
Do you wish your window cleaning service would be more effective and cheaper at the same time?
I think asking questions like this is great. It catches people's attention.

Another approach you can use is by getting the owner more involved. Get them talking more. You can do this by finding out more about who they are and what they're using and how it's working out for them.

Just say something like, "Hi, My name is _____ from _____ . I know you weren't expecting me soi I won't take too much of your time. I'm here today because I want to save you ___ on your ______(product or services). I'm confident