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tests on sales aptitude and leadership skills

Need help.

We are currently recruiting Sales Supervisors whose job is to sell and recruit agents. Just want to ask if you can recommend any written test or activities that can help us evaluate the sales aptitude and leadership skills of candidates.

Thanks - by african888
Design your interview process in such a way that they will reveal the following:
  • The applicant's ability to follow instructions
  • The applicant's ability think clearly
  • The applicant's ability to work in harmony with others
  • The applicant's current understanding of the role of a salesperson
  • The applicant's current understanding of the role of a leader
  • The applicant's core philosophy regarding success
- by Gary A Boye
Lol I once had an interview for a similar position,

all applicants were brought into one room and split into two teams (team a and team b)

They gave us 5 minutes to prepare for some very argumentative scenarios and then asked us to defend our position (team A) ‘for’ and (team B) ‘against’.

We were asked to present and defend our position using as much sales acumen as possible.

After the debate we were taken away individually and asked to detail the sales techniques used in delivering our points and how we handled objections during the debate.

Typical Scenario:
Is the death penalty a good idea?

I found this to be a very novel and informative approach to an interview. It allows you to see both sales ability and style of selling first hand. - by salesman
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