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How much time do you slot each week to practice (drill, rehearse) your sales skills? - by Community Mailbox
Good question, I'd like to have this answered, I'm guessing this doesn't include practicing with customers. - by DrPattyCakes
While I was involved in a sales job 25 years ago when I was young and dumb. I chose to follow a different path,but now have made the circle full. At the perfect age of wisdom of 42 I am now selling a product; not myself(I feel that we are all salesmen even if we are not directly selling a product or service). This time it happens to be a product I whole heartedly believe in. So due to my excitement and desire to be the best I practice every chance I get. If I am not in a lead meeting, I am at home (office) working on the product knowlege and totally out loud working on the presentation. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on within the training world and talking to everyone in sales that I know about their training and practice methods.
This may not be the perfect way of doing it by the books,but it has worked well thus far.
Thanks to all of you in this community for the help you deliver on this forum.thmbp2; - by jmt111
How much time do you slot each week to practice (drill, rehearse) your sales skills?
Great question,
The last few years we have been trying a lot of different things at my firm.
It is a tough balance between wasting sales time and utilizing skill to become more effective in the future.

What I have found that fits me, my department and our industry, is daily training. Everyday I will run each salesman quickly through a few hoops, have them work on arguments, closing techniques and so on. Important is that it doesn't get to theoretical. The daily practice is about working on techniques and getting real time feedback.

Once a week though we run a 1-2 hour workshop. On the workshops we do more theoretical things, discussing the sales process, people can get feedback on questions and problems they have had and so on.

We have found that this really works. Most of the practice is done in the field and all of our salesmen get a folder with, a lot of, information about how we work and sell.
If they want to improve more they can practice at home, something most of them do. Most of our salesmen will each day after work practice between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

This recipe has really worked for us and I think it should be able to work for you as well.

//Daniel - by LookingDaniel
Great question. Long ago I learned something about myself: I can't sell it if I am not passionate about it. If I *am* passionate about my product or service then it's more like evangelism than selling.

So while I don't spend any time in *practice*, I do spend a great deal of time researching and learning about my product, my industry, my customers, and new & unique ways people are using my product. - by DaveB
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