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Management vs Leadership

How would you define the differences between management and leadership in the world of sales?

Examples would help this topic. - by Gary A Boye
A great thought provoking question
As a sales manager with no formal training and one who has a lot to learn I would like to suggest the following

A leader has vision and inspires his/her staff and does not tell them what to do but leads the way forward and shows them what to do and how to do it.
I manage a telesales office and have a vision for where we are going and do my utmost to get my consultants excited about our vision,to buy into it,to be part of the vision.

I dont sit back and tell my staff what to do as some managers might,I work on the sales floor with my consultants,I get on the phone and make sales with them.I spend most of my time on the floor coaching,motivating and leading my sales consultants.
I think a good leader will try empower his/her staff,find out what motivates them,help them achieve their goals.

A manager might implement company policy and strategy and a leader would be innovative in developing new strategy,giving birth to new ideas and leading the way forward.
As a sales manager (leader) I am constantly looking for new ways to train and coach my staff,developing new sales scripts and training material.

I have a lot to learn and look forward to any replies.
Positive Regards - by salesdog
Its a good question and one that creates much confusion. The obvious thought is that leadership is somehow better than management yet in my view the words represent two distinct functions. One person can practice both whether or not he or she has any direct reports.

Management is about improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and ensuring that agreed results are achieved.

Leadership is about divining the future and convincing people that a vision of it is real, desirable, and obtainable.

Many of the skills of management such as forethought, planning, preparation, and interpersonal communication are also important for those practicing leadership. - by Clive Miller
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