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Inbound Sales Scripts

Hi Everyone,
I am brand new to this website & brand new to sales. I recently commenced trading in a new business & am now faced with elements of business I have never had to deal with before...such as sales. The biggest hill to get over at this stage is my approach to incoming calls & turning these into appointments.

Does anyone have some helpful tips or example phone scripts for this specific situation. For your information the business is the manufacture, wholesale & retail sales of medical equipment. These calls typically come from potential retail customers that may hear of us through newspaper, radio or website advertising.

- Jordan ;wi - by Jordan369
I think your answer will depend on what they say typically?

What kind of enquiry do they usually make? - by helisell
Typically they will be enquiring about our product & generally have a range of queries. Our aim is to book an appointment with them so that we can meet them. Once we show them the products & they test them out, the products essentially sell themselves, however its getting the appointment that we need to focus on...which is why I am looking for a sensible phone script that would work with all products. - by Jordan369
In this situation I usually turn it around and ask them to tell me about their business (I'm B2B, not B2C). Then it's usually pretty easy to suggest that we meet and explore which of my services might be a good fit. - by DaveB
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