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Hiring a Salesman

I own a new business IT services startup. Since the business is still new I still have my full time tech job. Basically I am at the stage where I am ready to start marketing and looking for clients. My question is this:

Are there salespeople out there that work strictly on commission selling IT service contracts to businesses?

Obviously, I would want to pay a salary for a full time salesman, but I'm just not able to afford that right now. I was thinking that if I could find someone to do it, 10% of the annual contract would be fair compensation. Does that sound about right? - by troxed
My first suggestion is that you locate someone with experience setting up commission plans and let that person guide you.

Also: For myself, I've found that my own impressions during the interview process were not a good predictor of the applicant's effectivity as a salesman. If you can find someone who can put your sales applicants through some sort of standard screening process (we use SPQ Gold) you'll probably have better success. - by DaveB
Thanks for the response. Is there any resources you can recommend for finding an experienced salesman other than the obvious monster.com, hotjobs etc.? - by troxed
In my city (Phoenix, AZ) there is a networking organization specifically for sales professionals. Also try to find a consultant who provides sales training and sales management training. They always know high-quality people who are looking for an opportunity. - by DaveB
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