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What is your greatest fear?

Since I started in sales I have felt that it is one thing over all else that keeps salesmen from succeeding, Fear.

That is why I want to ask the people of this forum, what you fear? And what you think others fear?
Your customers? Getting a no? Ruining a great report by asking for the sale?

For me, my greatest feat, is failure.
I hate to loose. I honestly can't handle loosing. I work hard every day because I don't want to loose, I care more about not loosing than about winning.

It is something I have learned to live with and can use to improve myself, when I was younger though, it was not. - by LookingDaniel
Fear is a normal human emotion.

I have never felt the presence of fear in my selling career. I have heard of fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even fear of success (which I believe is derived from some two bit pop psychology--sorry, people!), but I don't relate to the topic. So why do I post on the thread? Only to point out that a successful selling career can exist without fear as a factor.

But I am anxious to hear how others reply to this thread. - by Gary A Boye
Fear that someone will take action based upon my recommendation and the result - through no fault of mine - will be an unmitigated disaster, blowing my credibility to smithereens. - by DaveB
I fear a number of things but that helps me to keep moving forward. I'm not a natural sales person but I have grown into something decent over the years and fear is a big reason. Like LD said, I hate to fail or lose so I look at fear as a challenge to better myself in those areas.

I used to fear talking to people but I kept pushing myself to do it and I've gotten much better. Same with dealing with mistakes that my company makes.....I think I've become pretty good about that when I used to clam up and stutter!

Right now I would say my greatest fear is failure at implementing new innovations or ideas. I have to keep motivating myself to try new things and to actually invest the time to do it. - by Thufir
Hmmm this is a challenging question I agree with your original statement that sales people do fear. Defining what the fear is becomes a problem. Fear of the sale, fear of rejection, fear of loss. Fear of job loss.

I can honestly say at this time I do not fear anything related to sales or my job. There are some things I do not like and one of them is losing a sale. I do not fear a sale or loss of a sale. I have high expectations of me and what I can do. This is not a fear however I have a strong resolve to deliver on a promise and I will deliver on the promise before I quit and move on. I do believe in a person’s word and that word means more to me than anything else. This means my word is my bond.

The only thing I can say I fear is the fear of not completing what I want before my life is over. Perhaps I have reached an age and attitude that it is all good. I have discovered that there is nothing that cannot be fixed. I have a plan in place that allows for the unexpected. I have never feared the loss of a job because I have the ability to start up having done this in the past.
- by rich34232
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