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I have the fear and i dont know why???

Hi Guys

I have been in sales for over 10 years and i am still here because i am good at it/was good at it?!

I started a new role about a year ago amidst the recession and over the year i have progressively gained a fear of picking up the phone... i even noticed last week that i kept emailing EXISTING clients and not phoning them; which i have rectified immediately.

The thing is I have NO fear with face to face meetings; but to get those meetings i need to pick up the phone and have the discussion with them.

I do think it’s a fear of rejection; and normally i have a little button in my brain that i can flick and that’s it back to normal.

I am thinking that it’s because what i am selling perhaps I don’t have belief in it; or belief that people want to buy it?

My previous success has been because i had something people NEEDED to know and respected me for imparting my knowledge; whereas here it’s not that they need it but they SHOULD have it for best business practise.

Also all previous roles have been targeted monthly so you could measure your progress each month and have a nice pay slip at the end of it; where as now its 6 monthly and if you get behind; Its a huge catch up and a HUGE de-motivating factor.

I really don’t know what to do; i always self analyse so if i can do some self therap