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High-Ticket Price + From Home + Is This Possible Guys?


I understand this may be over the top. But I hope you can help me. I'm currently involved in marketing consulting. And I'd like to transition to a sales job. But I'm looking for a sales job with the following criteria:

--Work entirely from home. (No travel.)
--Do it entirely by phone. (And some email.)
--Sell a quality product.
--For a reputable company that's long term.
--No MLM.
--Sell a high ticket product that's $1,000 minimum.
--No having to hand-hold the client to implement or develop or build the product. (What I do now requires me to prospect, sell and then build the product. I don't want that anymore.)
--No having to fly out or travel to company meetings.

Where can I find jobs like this?;sm - by CzechForce
I should follow up by saying, I'm happy to provide follow up service and maintain the client relationship. I just do NOT want to have to actually build or develop the product like I'm having to do now. - by CzechForce
Mail order business or Website or Telemarketing and have a website that customers can see while you talk to them.

What product or service? I don't know, you'd have to research. - by cs80918
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