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From law to sales

Hey fellas,

I'm (yet again) contemplating changing gears, and I would really appreciate some honest input.

I'm currently enrolled at a great law school and performed well my first semester, but I'm beginning to have doubts as to whether I actually want to spend the rest of my life being a lawyer. The idea of having partners jumping up my *cough* while reading and writing for 80 hours a week just isn't all that appealing.

My work history is 100% sales. I spent a summer in direct B2C sales with a ~90% closing rate, and another summer canvassing where I also performed well. The high of hitting great commissions was incredible, I knew I was selling a great product, and I really enjoy performing presentations/demos.

However, in both cases I burnt out fairly quickly primarily because A: I felt guilty about pressuring people who really didn't have much money, B: I didn't enjoy selling to consumers (various reasons) and C: it didn't feel professional.

I've always had an interest in business, but I've never really taken the leap to explore what I think is something that I would both be good at, AND interested in. I would not be afraid of working hard for long hours so long as I believe in what I'm selling, I have no problem approaching people, and I have something of a knack for networking. Thus, it seems that B2B sales would be a great place to start.

So I guess my questions are (for those of you familiar with B2B):

1. What is/was your daily/weekly/monthly routine like?

2. How stressful is/was your job?

3. What kind of products/services entail creating longer term business relationships? I'm not interested in selling office supplies or something that's more of a one time deal. (Not bashing it, it's just personal preference.)

4. What are some of the top companies with the best sales forces out there?

5. Any advice, opinions, etc. would be both welcome and appreciated. - by GGrey
Congratulations. I think you have the makings of a great entrepreneur.

My observation is that the biggest factor separating successful businesses from the failing ones is that the owners of successful businesses realize that most of their job is sales.

Find a product or service that you really and truly believe in - one that you would promote and evangelize even if you made no money from it. Then build a business around it.

My daily/weekly/monthly routine? There isn't one.

How stressful is my job? Well, there's no alarm clock for starters. (After owning your own business for a while I think you become virtually unemployable) The stress comes when there are too many deadlines and not enough time, but once I realized that I am really the one in control of that it became a lot easier.

One of the books I's advise you to read is "Tuned In" by Stull, Myers, and Scott. It will give you a framework for thinking about what business you want to be in. - by DaveB
If you have the intelligence to do law I'd suggest you get your law degree and learn the ropes. Having that kind of experience and "pressure" will help you in anything you pursue.

There are many sales job that require a degree just to get in the door, I believe having such a strong resume will be a great investment in your future.

This is coming from someone who shunned finishing my degree, because I enjoyed sales and made good money. However; over time I have realized unless you are selling something super hot that will lead to the possibilty of early retirement, then its not that big of a deal, big there are plenty of good things to sell.

Go get you law degree, there are many things you can do with it and you can do things in sales with it as well.

If I had a law degree I'd open a collection agency in a state that garnishes wages. Those guys do really well where I live. Of course there are many more things you could do with that degree.

Top lawyers make outstanding money and if you're a trial lawyer you are putting on a sales - by cs80918
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