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Is Selling a Form of Acting?

There are people who believe that selling can be described as a form of acting, in the context of what actors do. Do you believe that? Thoughts? - by Gary A Boye
A thought-provoking question Gary.
In some instances,yes I do.

When seeking to relate to,look for commonality and establish a bond with different people on different levels I have to a certain extent become an actor.
When I was selling insurance I would relate to different people in different ways.
When I was meeting with a person in management my speech and mannerism would be different to when I was meeting with a blue collar worker.Sometimes the difference would be subtle and at other times more pronounced.
However I do believe that their is a difference between adapting yourself to certain situations and being a con artist.

What I think matters most is being honest,sincere,genuine and having empathy with the prospect.

Positive Regards - by salesdog
I have trouble thinking of selling as acting and I think most sellers do. I can't relate to that idea as I think people should buy out of their own needs and not because I am a good actor who relates to them. - by sperales
Unfortunately, not all of us are in this position, but if you truly enjoy/appreciate the product you are selling, there's no reason to "act".

I do understand the idea of being a chameleon or trying to appeal to a broader market (trying to fit in with people who you might be very different from) but I also try to be more selective with my prospects, focusing on businesses/people/markets that I can most easily relate to.

I think if you have to "fake it to make it", you are limiting your potential for success, or at least your longevity in that sales field. I've heard the hardest part of sales is staying motivated, and I just can't see myself being motivated if I have to put on a show or change who I am every day. - by WholesalePro
I've learned my roles in life, I continue to make all my life roles a study and as integrated as required, and the same it true for my life is sales. Life is a stage you know, Gary.

Actually it's many stages and many guises each one the real thing when you know the part well, aren't afraid to improvise when necessary, and give the same license to everyone else.

Consequently, mutual respect and honesty in that regard is essential to be successful. Whatever acts are next to follow should produce anticipation - be prepared.

The best to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
Very interesting and thought-provoking topic.

If tailoring your approach to the prospect's personality type is acting, then I'd have to say that almost all human interaction is 'acting'.

Perhaps my view of what an actor does is naive (memorizes lines and then repeats them in a believable manner) but I believe that no sales professional is simply 'acting' - by DaveB
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