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New Futures and Options Broker

Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum, have been poking around the past few days trying to get together some ideas for myself...but have not found much in the way of investment brokers around.

I was wondering if I could get a little advice, possibly some ideas...

I just started as a futures broker about 5 months ago after getting my series 3, have been prospecting for about 4 months.

My focus on prospecting is in two areas: 1. Full-service trading 2. Investing in one of our 2 managed futures funds(which have been very successful).

I really do not have many clients so far and am barely making an income yet. My superior does not believe in cold calling(because futures trading is a rare industry). Prospects mainly come from internet marketing...they find our website and call in/request our eBook/request a demo trading account.

The leads that come in from the current method are EXTREMELY slow(sometimes only a few per week), and I would say you get a phone number from about 10% of them(if they just give an e-mail its usually dead).

So, given the current situation, would anyone have any ideas on how I can really get my feet wet prospecting and building a business?:sa

Thanks in advance for any help, I look forward to your replies!;bg - by futuresbroker
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