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Appointment setting; what works best?

Hey all. I’m after some advice on cold calling (phone, letter and door knocking) and the best way to secure some appointments. Currently I’m mostly knocking on doors, gathering information from the receptionist, and adding the details to the database. The idea is we will filter the database so it contains only those names who may have a need for our product, and then we will send out a letter addressed to the PDM describing our service and call a few days later to try to set an appointment. Based on your experience, do you think this is an effective way of doing things? Or do you know of any better ways to increase my appointment rate?

I’ve thought about doing things the other way around, for example calling first to obtain the information, then calling in person a few days later to try to meet the DM face to face and set up an appointment. This gives me the advantage of knowing the name of the receptionist/secretary and the PDM beforehand so hopefully I might have built up some early credibility. Which do you think will be most effective out of calling, door knocking and/or marketing letters? I'm fairly new to this prospecting game so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you. - by sales_ace
SalesAce, it would be impossible for anyone to give you credible advice on this without knowing the circumstances and factors of what it is you sell.

There simply is no ONE IDEA FITS ALL dogma that exists. Simple sales and complex sales and consultative sales and account management sales are very different from one another--to name a few categories.

Chris Lytle, who mastered his process in selling advertising, uses a 16 step process to secure a final commitment.

The key is always to make every step a forward step and avoid "busy work." - by Gary A Boye
i have to agree with Gary. There are sooooo many different ways. Try out different approaches and documdent the results. The only people that will know what works are your customers/clients.

You might want to consider a change in mindset too. I don't know if its a UK thing but the only people who have appointments in the UK are dentists, doctors e.t.c.... and these are not pleasurable experiences.

Business people have business meetings. - by peter-odonoghue
We have tried calling to find out if we can send further info, then we send an email with info. Once they received that we then call a few days later........doesn't seem to work for us.

We found people saying they will accept email info but then that doesn't convert for some reason.

Can people in the forum list out a few strategies for us novices to try. - by countinformation
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