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i am trying to drum up some business and cold calling local large employers (prisons, factories, hospital) and offering to extend our employee discount program. My company has the discount program set up for other large companies and it has worked very successfully. I have only had limited success in theses call and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. The one success i have had is putting the discount program on the company intranet with my contact info. I actually have postcards with employee discount program info i can send to these places for all their employees. - by jarrodsquito
When you are cold-calling to you know the name of the HR manager and ask for him/her by name? - by DaveB
when i have it yes but i do not really have many...this was kinda spur of the moment...trying to increase my personal business...i work retail commission sales (appliances and electronics)...when i am calling most of these places i have gotten no where...i am looking for other ideas too...i have decided that i am now my own franchise and want to work like i am self employed and build my reputation throughout town...i thought that might be a good cheap start to get my name out there...but it is not working as well as i thought.... - by jarrodsquito
I had tried this approach about 4 years ago when I was on the sales frontlines. It worked suprisingly well.

However, the problem with good ideas is that if you have thought of it... someone else has also thought of it.

I wouldn't use the employee discount as a prospecting tool. I would use it more like a relationship building tool. Focus on your top 50 accounts and pitch the idea to them.

If you can leverage your relationship they would be more likely to use your promotion due to the established trust. - by salesfist
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