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Has anybody attended a Dale Carnegie Sales corse?

Looking at the 3 day couse "How to Sell Like a Pro", but it runs almost 1600 bucks.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with this course? or any other Dale Carnegie seminars? I have heard amazing things about 'em, but thats a big investment for 3 days of training.

Your feedback, as always, is appreciated. - by Kapture1
I have not attended Dale Carnegie training Matt.

What would you personally want/expect to take away from three (3) days of sales training? Or put another way, what would you need to learn from such training to feel that you received ample value for your money? - by Jeff Blackwell
I took the 10 session course about 20 years ago. The take-away was:
  • Live support from the group.
  • Continuous presentation opportunities.
  • Everyone had to present at least twice at every meeting.
  • Delicate advice about attitude and approach to people in any situation, not just the sales setting.
  • Real, live sales people with current leads
  • Applause and awards for performance quality
  • Learning to open with a question belying a need
  • Short team performances.
One member was the sales person. The other was the client. The sales person launched into a pitch at the front door about a vaccuum cleaner. When the sales rep finally fell silent the client said she didn't have electricity in her house.

I think I paid $1000 for the course and I thought it was worth it. I used the skills at the time only once but on that call the client responded to the question very positively as if he had been clued by sitting in the same seminar I was in. It was startling and I didn't know his business.

Ten years later I was in a group that encouraged cold calling. I was so moved that I walked in off the street on a prospect that immediately became my best client. However, I must admit that those people were actively seeking the solution I could offer.

I would hesitate to recommend Dale Carnegie today only because I don't know what else is available.

Roger - by rkovack
"Empty the coins from your purse into your mind and your mind will refill your purse." -Ben Franklin - by mkelly2020

I took a Dale Carnegie course about 20 years too and I have to say it was worth the money. Back then it was $900 and a good investment since it changed my life.

Do it - and read the books they give :-) - by ricoramiro
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