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My contact has passed onto another person

Here's the situation,

I cold called a rather large real estate/property management company as I was at one of their buildings and saw an opportunity for our service (window cleaning) I got in contact with the property manager and we had a great ice-breaker conversation with a lead-in to my company. She gave me the opportunity to work out a price for the building, I put it together and sent it off.

Fast forward a couple months now, she's been on vacation, then the building manager was on vacation, they've been soliciting other prices. Now recently (2 weeks ago) I sent a follow up email asking for an update on her decision to find out that a different Property Manager is looking after this building and she has sent her my contact info.

Now I am not sure how to proceed. My instinct is to call, do I ask for a meeting? This company is a big fish, and I'm a little fish. And to top it off, I am fairly green with professional sales. (4 years of figuring things out on my own) I know our company can do the work and they'd be happy with us.

Thanks in advance for the help & suggestions - by BJPA1
How high up the decision chain can you reach? - by Jeff Blackwell
Do they presently engage the services of another company for window cleaning?

I don't understand your concern over the "big fish--little fish" aspect. Can you elaborate that concern? - by Gary A Boye
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