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Selling Private Medical Insurance

I am UK based but I guess this question covers anywhere in the world right now.

Is Private Medical Insurance a good product to be selling in the current economic climate? I have been given an opportunity to work on a commission only basis for one of the top 5 PMI providers in the UK and wondered what you guys thought?

I have been in sales 30 years the last 8 on commission only but have never worked in the Insurance industry before.


Alex - by Alex1
I recently switched heath insurance providers and the young lady who sold me the policy used a very different approach.

When we met, she went over several pieces of innocuous-looking language in the typical policy and then explained the implications of each, revealing huge financial exposure. She then compared that to her company's policy.

I was sold on the spot. It would not have mattered if her policy cost MORE than my present policy. I'd have bought it anyway. - by DaveB
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